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As if the Carrera RS wasn’t enough, Kremer had to one-up Porsche.  With a 241 horsepower 3.0 liter engine (the standard RS was a 210 horsepower 2.7 liter) this thing hauls.  The engine features a larger cylinder bore and revs to 7200 rpm.  It has larger throttle bodies and aluminum velocity stacks with a modified air cleaner assembly which belches beautiful Porsche intake system music when you smash the pedal to the right all the way to the floor.  The exhaust is much louder than a standard RS and drones a bit during freeway cruising but is manageable.  This one is the touring model so it is heavier than the RS lightweight.  It has power windows, but still retains the leather door opening strap.  Steering is light and very precise.  The five speed is precise and easy to shift.  The gate pattern is 1st in the upper left which is different than the standard RS where it is 1st to lower left and 2nd and 3rd are directly across from each other.

I have also driven a standard RS touring and a lightweight.  I would have to say out of the three that the RS lightweight was my favorite.  Not quite as obnoxious as the exhaust on the Kremer and much improved handing due to the significant weight reduction (about 220 pounds).  Our other test driver, Joe Bella, disagrees and believes this is the best.  I really like having the feedback of another driver.  When he had originally drove it he complained that it ran terrible.  Then, I tuned it.  When he drove it the second time he was overjoyed at how well it ran.

If I had any money, this would certainly be one for my collection (but maybe in black).  With lightweights going for over a million dollars, I’ll never have one.   :-(


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