That time they made me a birthday video

It was my 44th birthday on August 28th, 2015.  Bruce Canepa was out of town and we had just replaced a clutch and the engine required some tuning on this beautiful 1967 Porsche 906.  As the official test driver and tuner and also the skinny guy I had to take it out on the road.  I had always wanted to take our photographer, Zach Todd, on a ride and have him shoot some video and since the cat was away, the mice played.  Zach held on for dear life and clutched his iPhone which produced some surprisingly good video and audio.  An old 80’s tape recorder from Radio Shack would have sounded good.  240 horsepower from 2 liters screaming at the back of your head through 1/4 inch of fiberglass which separates you and the glowing exhaust header gives excellent audio feedback.  Tipping the scales at 1300 lbs. – this car is fast.  Zach and John Ficarra decided to surprise me with a short video for my birthday and this was the result.  This video ended up getting more that 650,000 views on Facebook.  Well done guys






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