Restoration and Resto-mod Sorting

Restoration sorting is what you do after you cosmetically restore the car – and very few restoration shops are good at it. This is one of our specialties.  I often repair cars straight from auction that were mis-represented as being ‘fully-sorted’ but barely run and drive.  I have seen on numerous occasions cars with basic items such as air temp sensors for fuel injection not even wired in – the car could not run properly without it!   Let us bring your car to the next level.

After a fresh restoration, the car may look great but since there are so many adjustable systems within the car that still need to be fine tuned, the car is far from perfect. It is a tedious process going through each system and making sure everything is adjusted correctly. Old cars are not like new cars which pop together like a snap-tite model. Sorting is the act of getting the engine running well. Its making sure the alignment is perfect and the brakes stop properly and don’t pull. All electrical systems should work as design. The door locks, switches, mechanisms, latches, and hinges all need to be perfect. The doors need to be satisfying with a firm clunk when shutting them. Just because the car looks perfect does not mean it is.

Many people believe the problems and nuisances their cars have are just one of the quirks of owning an old car and that they came like that from the factory. That is wrong. Manufacturers did not sell cars with door locks that did not operate smoothly or engines that stalled or hesitated when cold. Although the technologies were primitive they were rock solid.

If you are discerning enough that you want your car to be ‘as new’ we offer an extremely comprehensive mechanical inspection which includes an extended test drive. A photo-documented report is supplied as well as estimates for repair.